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Compo Farm : Cultivating the future

A “virtual farm” where engineering students, graduates and professionals can learn free of cost the composites technology, get working skills and opt for a career. Entry by prior registration and assigned password.

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Activities undertaken by Dr. N. G. Nair, the expert behind this venture as illustrations of work that can be undertaken . Visitors shall get in, observe and strive to do better in their own career or business.



All visitors who come to this site “compofarm” are requested to go through the details presented below first and decide whether they would like to join as a regular registered visitor.

The contents and purposes of this site are presented first and if the visitor decides to become a registered visitor, he can go through the disclaimer and terms and conditions. If they are acceptable, click yes. A registration form will then appear which can be filled up and sent to the administrator for assigning registration and password.

The word Compo

Like the names plastics and ceramics, the word composites is used in plural form. The word composite is used a adjective. A single material is referred to as composite material. To avoid all confusions arising from the terminologies, the word COMPO is used in the site as short form of composites. It is used as both singular noun and adjective and the plural is compos.

COMPO can also be considered as a name derived from the five basic materials with which composites are made namely; Ceramics, Organics, Metals, Polymers and Ores (Minerals).

Why Compofarm?

The site “Compofarm” is a gateway for visitors to learn the basics of composites technology free of cost. Even visitors who are not exposed to composites can go through the site and acquire knowledge and skill so that they can decide whether they want to opt for a career or self-employment in this field. Both fresh engineering graduates and composite professionals can benefit from the site. Visitors get the following benefits from the site;

The contents given above show that it is not a site only for mere learning. It is a site for visitors to learn the basic subjects, select the raw materials needed to structure composites, develop skills to make products using composites, decide to create business ventures or industries and spread the technology world across for the benefits of the society as a whole.

Why the name Compofarm?

We call this site compofarm because of its similarity with agrofarm. In agrofarming, farmers learn, develop skills and cultivate farm products. Likewise, compofarm is conceived as a virtual site for cultivating composites technology in the minds of beginners and professionals alike.

There is another reason for coining the name compofarm. Though modern composites are advanced material systems developed by modern technological means, it is the nature which has the credit of inventing composites and creating products using them. Nature invented and created composites for millions of years in the form of its plants, trees, birds, animals and even in our human body. Farmers have been growing these nature’s composites over the years in their farms. Composites are thus nature’s “own” materials and it is agrofarming activity that preserves and protects nature’s composites. By equating compofarming with agrofarming, we expect to preserve the link between modern composites and nature’s compo products.

The composites that we create today have their structure, processing methods, product variety durability etc. like those of nature’s compos.

Like agro-composites, modern compos shall also be spreading to the nook and corner of every country, preserving the environment and serving as a source of livelihood to many.

Composite technology shall shed its elitist image and shall become simple, transparent and down to earth like agro-technology.

Who can join as visitors?

Since the contents of this site are meant for engineers, and professionals, admission is open at present to engineering students, graduates and professionals only. Experts of composites fraternity can also register and contribute to this venture.

Appeal to composites fraternity

We solicit the help of experts of composites fraternity to share their expertise and experience with youngsters through these columns of Combofarm.

We welcome to receive brief articles of 300 to 500 words on specific topics for publishing in this site and share the knowledge and skills with the youngsters. The article must be suitable to develop the operational skills of engineers and it should not be research papers or advertisements of one’s own product or industrial items. References to books, journals and websites can be included so that visitors can go to them for further reading and clarifications. If found good and suitable, the article will be added to the compopedia or skill-feed sections. We will acknowledge the name and E mail ID of contributor along with the article entry. We may edit and change layout but will not alter contents. Our decision shall be final and binding about this and about inclusion in “Compo-farm”.

Composites fraternity, particularly industrialists can provide photos of innovative products they developed which can be used by visitors for starting their own ventures and can provide videos of manufacturing processes prepared by them.

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