Supply of design software & Product design algorithms  

One of the specializations of NGN COMPOSITES is the development and supply of study materials and technical tools needed for upgrading and fine tuning the technical capabilities of composites industries. Industries can avail the following computer based services:

STUDY MODULES: These are technical course modules prepared in software format supplied with software lock. Industries can procure and load on their computer which can be used to train their staff to upgrade their technical skills. Since they can not be copied and taken away, they remain as properties of the company. Details can be furnished on request

DESIGN ALGORITHMS: Algorithm is a step-by-step process of carrying out a task. For example, computers work on algorithms. Composite product designs are formulated as algorithms in which the design related selections, computations and decisions are carried out in an algorithmic format and various provisions of standards and codes of practices can be directly incorporated.. Algorithms for several product designs are available to buy directly and new algorithms can be developed and supplied. Algorithms are supplied for own use only and not transferable.

DESIGN SOFTWARE: A user friendly easy to operate design software NGN STRADCOMP (STRess Analysis and Design of COmposite Materials and Products) is developed for analyzing stresses and/or for designing of composite materials structure and products. It is a collection of design modules covering more than 5000 design related operations. It can be supplied with software lock making it to work only on a hard disk or pen drive.

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