Product Development, manufacture and Quality assurance  

Composite product development is a specialized knowledge based process which requires expertise in material and product design, process planning and manufacture, performance evaluation and marketing.

Dr. N. G. Nair has developed more than 100 products (some of which are listed below) over the years and his experience and guidance is available through NGN Composites for product development

NGN Composites undertakes product development on mutually agreed terms and conditions

FRP blades for wind energy generator



Folding type bridge Bus body components GRC Cladding panels Tanks
Sonar dome Road tanker Modular houses with Jute-polyester Moulded Pressure vessels
Sonar reflector Leaf spring of LMV Gratings FW pressure vessels
Hard armour House boat Translucent roof Gas stack
Ablative shields High speed planing boat Domes Scrubbers
Armour and ballistic protection   Geodesic domes Pipes and pipelines
    Moulded water tanks FW drive shaft
    Sectional water tanks Wind turbine blades
    FW pressure filters Cooling tower fan blades
    Doors FW high voltage insulators
    Modular kitchen cabinets String insulators
    FW shells for RO systems Biogas plants
    Tanks for sewerage/ Waste water treatment Solar reflectors
    Pile foundation Prosthetic devices for paraplegics
      Wheel chair for disabled
      Orthotic devices
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