About NGN Composites

NGN Composites is a Proprietary consultancy firm founded in 2001 by Dr. N.G.Nair (see Dr. N.G.Nair, the expert behind) for promoting the use of composites. It offers two kinds of services: (i) Technical consultancy, (ii) Knowledge sourcing.

Technical consultancy includes

  • Design consultancy: Designs to create optimum material structure and innovative composite products for various functional requirements and safety under load conditions ( visit design consultancy for details)
  • Product development, manufacture and quality assurance: Technical support is given for developing new products and for improving production.
  • Setting up new industrial units for composite products

These services are offered from the Chennai Centre of NGN Composites.

Knowledge services to impart knowledge, skills and supply IT tools. This service includes

  • Development and supply of study modules, design algorithms and Software(Visit, study modules, Design algorithm, and Software for more )
  • Education and training programmes: This is to meet the manpower requirements of composites Industry(visit Training courses and Technician certification for more)

Knowledge sourcing service is offered from the NGN Composites Knowledge Centre being set up in Kerala, India.

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