Dr. N.G.Nair.  

Dr. N. G. Nair is the Founder, Proprietor, Chief designer and Consultant of NGN Composites. He is a renowned teacher, researcher, consultant, designer and product developer with well over 46 years of professional experience out of which 37 years are in the field of composites.

Born in 1939 in India, he graduated in Civil Engineering in 1961, and got his Post graduate and doctorate degrees in Structural Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur respectively.

He worked as Junior Engineer and Lecturer during 1961-65 in Kerala. His work in the field of Composites started in 1970 while he was employed as Senior Technologist at Pilkington Brothers Ltd., England. He later joined the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) in 1975 as Assistant Professor of FRP Research Centre (renamed as Composites Technology Centre in 1987). He was promoted to professor level in 1977 and was the Head of the Centre since 1979 until retired in 2001.

His technical responsibilities at IITM included teaching, research guidance, sponsored research, industrial consultancy and continuing education programme. Dr. Nair guided 12 Ph.D., 11 M.S., 60 M.Tech and 54 B.Tech students. He taught composites to 2000 students and trained well over 1200 engineers from industry. He developed the Centre as one of the top 5 facilities in India for composites and formulated the first Post graduate programme in Composites Technology in India.

Dr. Nair started NGN Composites in 2001.


Areas of expertise include Composite Materials Research and Development, Process Development, process modeling and Process Design, Composite Materials Science, Structural Mechanics and design, Design of composite Products and Structures and Testing and Quality control.

Worked on the development of plastic and ceramic matrix composites, silicon carbide fibres and whiskers, glass fibre reinforced cement, flake composites and polymer concrete. Worked on more than 20 manufacturing processes and designed and developed more than 100 composite products. He was operating for the benefit of industry a composites test facility at IITM with facilities for well over 120 quality control tests.

Developed an algorithmic approach for product design, based on which design algorithms for several products have been formulated.

Dr. Nair was closely associated with the National defense and industrial R&D Programmes in Composites. He served as coordinator of India-Japan Collaboration on Composites and as Head of the Materials Panel of Naval Research Board, Govt. of India.

He is a life member of Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) and the recipient of the MRSI Medal, 1997 for his contributions to composites research. He was felicitated in 2004 for his contributions to Defense R&D.

Dr Nair is the Founder Chairman of FRP Institute and the Honorary Editor of FRP TODAY, the only Journal on Composites published in India. He is closely associated with the composites industrial developments in India.

All activities of NGN Composites are carried out under the direct guidance of Dr. N. G. Nair.

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