Guidance for setting up Industrial units  

Establishing a new industrial unit or upgrading an existing unit for the manufacture of composites needs considerable technical input and the right decision making.

Those who want to set up manufacturing units must first identify the marketable product or products. Whatever be the product identified, it requires a manufacturing facility which has to be created. The level of sophistication of design, development and manufacture must be decided.

The production planning must be aimed at the full utilization of the machinery and facility created. In-process quality monitoring must be an essential component of manufacture.

NGN Composites offers technical supports for setting up composites industrial units by providing techno-economic project reports, guidance for procurement of equipment and machinery and for carrying out manufacturing operations

Development of Nylon reaction injection putrusion (NYRIP) Process


Processes and products for which consultancy services offered for setting up industry

  Hand lay up/Spray up/Vacuum bag moulding
  Bridges (Slab/ frame supported/ cable supported and cable stayed)
  Resin transfer moulding ((Light and High pressure RTM)
  Building components
  Vacuum Infusion moulding
  Pile foundations
  Reinforced reaction injection moulding (RRIM)
  Piping systems
  Filament winding
  Wind turbine and cooling tower fan blades (structural design and manufacturing only)
  Compression moulding of SMC/DMC
  CNG Cylinders
  Framed structures
  Moulded grating
  Marine vessels (structural design and manufacturing only)
  Thermoforming of FRTP
  Polymer concrete
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