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Helpline for Composites’ buyers and manufacturers:
A free guidance to look for quality

Composite material products are coming to the market generally with excellent quality. However, as in any other products, the buyer may come across a few products of inferior quality offered very often at cheaper prices. Only when manufacturers know how to make quality products and the buyers are alert and knowledgeable to look for quality in the items they buy, such quality problems can be rooted out.

Since composites are new material systems, it is not possible for all manufacturers and buyers to be experts on all aspects of composites and the information available to them to make correct decisions may be incomplete.

NGN Composites will shortly have a section on ‘Helpline for Buyers and manufacturers’ in this website. It can be freely consulted for guidance.

Forthcoming Training Programme

NGN Composites announces Five days’ training course on FRP TECHNOLOGY

This course is to teach the technology of fibre reinforced thermoset plastics (FRP) composites. It is a fast developing technology and job opportunities are good both in India and other Asian countries. It is also a good technology for entrepreneurs to start industrial units. Practicing engineers can upgrade their knowledge in this fast developing industrial activity. The course covers 26 hours of lectures and 9 hours of practical demonstrations and it aims to give a general understanding of the FRP composites. The programme covers presentations on major fibres, resins and other materials used, 25 manufacturing methods, applications in 9 industrial sectors and properties, design basis, testing and safety. Overall emphasis will be for quality production methods. Interested candidates are advised to get admission one month before so that course materials can be dispatched in advance for self study prior to course. This course will be organized four times a year in March, June, September and December.

NEXT FRP TECHNOLOGY COURSE STARTS ON September 20, 2010 at Chennai.

For details, contact by E mail so that the course brochure can be sent by E mail.
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