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Composites industries are expanding their activities and they do need researchers, innovative product developers, designers, production engineers, market developers, testing and quality control personnel, skilled technicians and machinery operators.

Since composites design, development and manufacture are knowledge based and knowledge driven technological activities, good education and sound training are required for personnel engaged in this field.

In spite of the good potential and growing demand for employment in this technology, no formal career-oriented academic programmes are available either in India or in many other countries.

To meet the industry’s requirements, NGN Composites has devised several distance education and training programmes as outlined below;


Education is to impart knowledge. Courses are offered in distance education mode by which the candidates can study the subjects at their own place of stay and/or work and can enrich their knowledge on various aspects of composites Science and technology. This gives an opportunity to study with minimum expenditure and wastage of time. The courses listed below are suitable for

(i) beginners who want to learn more about composites either for pursuing a career or for setting up industrial units, and for
(ii) enhancing and updating the knowledge of personnel already working in the area of composites.


A total of 25 courses covering materials, manufacture, science, design, testing and applications of composites are available for study in distance education mode. Detailed syllabi, registration procedure, duration of course and course fee for each course can be supplied on request through E mail. As soon as the registration is complete, self study course materials will be sent to registered candidates or to their sponsors. The progress of study will be monitored through questionnaire and assignments. Tests will be conducted periodically for assessing the progress of study. A final on-line test will be conducted and certificate of undergoing the course will be issued to successful candidates.

The courses are suitable for engineers, diploma holders and science graduates who have the aptitude for self study. The courses can be started at any time of the year from anywhere in the world without affecting one’s own regular work or study.

C1. Introductory Courses on Composites Technology
These are courses meant for beginners who have no exposure to the technology of composites and to those who are working in the industry, but have not undergone any formal study of composites. The first course in the list C10 is a course intended for beginners, managers and marketing personnel etc. It is not a highly technical course. The second course C11 is meant for persons working in a reinforcement manufacturing
and processing industry. Courses C12, C13 and C14deal with three families of composites namely thermoset plastic based, thermoplastic based and metal and ceramic matrix based composites.

C10 A beginners appreciation course on Advanced composites
C11 Science and Technology of reinforcements
C12 Fibre Reinforced Thermoset Plastics (FRP) Technology
C13 Fibre reinforced Thermoplastics (FRTP) and Elastomers
C14 Ceramic and Metal matrix composites

C2 Courses On Composites Applications
The following courses that deal with the applications of composites for specific end uses are second level courses. Each course is for a specific application area highlighting the advantages of using composites for that sector. The course teaches in detail the products being made, manufacturing methods used for making them, materials and design procedure adopted, testing, quality evaluation, method of installation etc. The course is useful for the composites manufacturers, the end users of the products and for those who want to start industry in that application sector.

C21 Composites for aerospace applications
C22 Composites for land transport systems
C23 Composites for marine vessels and ocean structures
C24 Composites for building and civil engineering applications
C25 Composites for chemical plants and chemical resistant products
C26 Composites for pipes and piping systems
C27 Composites for Energy Sector
C28 Composites for Biomedical and Healthcare applications
C29 Specialty composites

C3 Advanced Courses on Composites Science, Design, and Testing
These are third level courses and are intended to give in-depth knowledge on the scientific basis of Composite materials and structures and to teach how composite product design, testing and process modeling and design can be carried out.

C31 Science of Composite Materials
C32 Science of composite structures
C33 Design of Composite Products and Structures
C34 Testing, Characterisation and quality Assurance in composites manufacture
C35 Process modeling and design in Composites manufacture

C4 Advanced courses on composites manufacture
The following advanced courses on manufacturing methods are intended for those who are already working on these methods and the course is to help them to manage the technology better and to fine tune the production process. The course is also useful to those entrepreneurs who want to establish production units with sound technological base.

C41 Liquid infusion moulding methods (Light RTM, High pressure RTM, VIM, RRIM and SRIM)
C42 Compression moulding methods (SMC, DMC, Prepregs)
C43 Filament winding methods
C44 Pultrusion and moulded gratings
C45 Vacuum bag, pressure bag and autoclave moulding
C46 Thermoforming of FRTP products


Training programmes are contact courses intended not only to impart knowledge but also to have skill development. In addition to lectures on the topics, practical training and demonstrations are also included. This will be very useful both for beginners and practicing engineers to learn the correct engineering practices that are very essential to get full advantage of these material systems. At present, NGN Composites conducts the training programmes on the following two subjects by its own or in collaboration with other organizations. The training programmes are organized based on demand only. Since programmes are conducted based on demand, interested candidates can register in advance by giving their names, addresses, affiliation and the courses they want to attend. When sufficient candidates opt for a course, the course will be announced. In-house training will be conducted in India only. Course fee need to be paid only after the date of course is announced.

The following two training programmes are being offered at present

TC12 Five days’ FRP Technology course
TC33 Five days’ composite product design course


All the distant education and training courses mentioned above can be organized as in- house courses at the premises of industries. The course contents can also be modified to suit to the host industry’s specific requirements. The contents, timing and terms and conditions can be mutually agreed upon.


Those who want to know more about the distance education courses and training/or to register for studying the courses of their choice may contact us at the address, E-mail or phone numbers given in this website under Contact/Enquiry.


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