Design consultancy  

Composites technology needs three kinds of designs.

  • Design of Materials, Products and Structures.
  • Design of Tools, Moulds and Dies.
  • Process modeling and process design.

NGN Composites

  • Developed Design Methodology and Design Algorithms for all the three forms of design which can be supplied for own use.
  • Developed and marketing Design software (See Software for details).
  • Undertakes design consultancy
  • Conducts design training courses periodically (See Training courses).

What NGN Composites can do?
NGN Composites undertakes technical consultancy for product design in the following areas of applications. Designs can be sent through email anywhere in the world on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Design Algorithms and Design Software can be supplied to industry for own use under software lock.

Design of Materials/ Products/Structures

  • Material design of laminated, sandwich and 3D composites.
  • Material design for functional requirements
  • Design of products and large structures for applications listed below….

Design of Tools/Dies/ Moulds

  • Moulds for compression moulding.
  • Moulds for liquid Infusion moulding
  • Mandrels for filament winding
  • Pultrusion dies

Process modeling and design

  • Liquid infusion moulding
  • Compression moulding
  • Reaction injection moulding
  • Thermoforming of FRTP
  • Filament winding
  • Pultrusion

  A 48 m tall FRP gas stack designed by Dr. N. G. Nair

Application areas for which design expertise available with NGN Composites

Advance Technological Applications - Products and structures for heat resistance and controlled thermal expansion, ablation, radome, sonar dome, antennas, armour, optical, acoustic and electrical functions.

Land Transport - Car, bus, trucks and two wheeler components, transport containers, rail coach components, sky bus and road tankers.

Buildings - Modular/prefabricated buildings and building components, roof systems, cold storage, wood substitutes, water and septic tanks, swimming pools and interior decoration items.

Civil - Road, rail, bridges, water purification and sewage treatment plants, water supply and irrigation pipes, pile foundations, repair and fittings.

Chemical - Chemical plants, cooling towers, oil platforms, pipelines.

Mechanical - Drive shafts, leaf springs, machine elements and instrument covers.

Miscellaneous - High voltage insulation products, lamp poles, transmission towers and wind turbine blades, Bio-medical (orthotic and prosthetic) devices, hospital appliances, Sports goods, consumer durables, interior design, furniture etc.

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