About Composities  

COMPOSITES: The space age material system

  • Composites are advanced materials created by combining dissimilar materials with wide ranging applications in engineering and social sectors. The development of advanced composites is one of the top 10 technological achievements of the 20 th century.
  • The use of composites extends from small toy cars or musical instruments to very large structures like aircraft, rockets, road, rail and marine transport systems, buildings, chemical plants, pipe lines, wind turbine blades and bridges.

There are more than 200 families of composites, 50 manufacturing methods, 100,000 types of products and 8.2 million Metric Tons of annual production of composites. Through many innovative developments, these materials have enriched the quality of human life and environment.

NGN COMPOSITES is at your service to harness this advanced material system for the benefit of society and industry.

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